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1001 northernlight angielski
I have been teaching English in Poland for 11 years and translating from Polish to English for 5. I am based in Krakow until August 20, 2012, when I will be moving up to Warsaw.
1002 stevefromkent angielski
I have been teaching English to foreign learners for thirteen years. In this time I have taught specialised English, Exam courses, Business and General English as well as English to young learners. Additionally, for the last seven summers I have taught at summer schools in England, where young learners from all over the world come to gain exposure of the English language. As I have taught such a wide range of courses I feel I have developed skills of creativity and adaptability and thus have a lot to offer.
1003 Petert angielski, niemiecki
I have just moved to Poland and would very much like to teach English to all sections of the comunity. I am able to work through the day.
1004 teflmarie angielski
I have seven years experience in the education sector, including FE colleges, secondary schools and TEFL teaching. Prior to that, I also worked for four years as a fitness instructor. I\'ve taught English in the Czech Republic to children aged six to fifteen, and some of my classes in Spain involved children. Previously, I\'ve also taught business and general English in Prague. Furthermore, in Spain, I taught general adults, plus FCE and KET classes. My long term goals include completing my MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics, which I\'ve just started. It\'s an online course provided by a British university and I study part-time. I\'d also be interest in becoming a Cambridge examiner. I\'m really passionate about my teaching and aim to make topics lively and stimulating for my students, with plenty of opportunity for them to speak and interact. Some of my classes have been exam-based, and tended to be a little more formal. For Young Learners, my approach is based around communicative activities and games which are age appropriate and often cross-curricular. Currently, I\'m teaching teens and adults in Russia, and I\'m studying for my MA online. I\'d like to relocate to Warsaw because I\'m currently in a long-distance relationship with a Polish man, and I wish to live and work closer to him. I\'m also seeking a position which challenges me, so I can develop as a teacher.
1005 JLEnglishTeaching angielski
I have taught a wide range of classes at a wide range of levels from Elementary to Advanced. I have a lot of experience teaching for FCE and CAE. I also have experience with in-company business classes- including groups and 1 to 1 Previous classes I have taught included at TP/Orange, PGNiG, computer, real estate and production companies. I have taught in Poland over 5 years and have a good knowledge of the needs of Polish students. I have A2/B1 level Polish.
1006 Anna_061986 angielski
I have TESOL certification. I have been teaching private students for over 5 years General and Business English. My specialization is conversational English lessons. I teach at many different companies in Warsaw, in-company lessons. I also teach at two large language schools in Warsaw. FIRST LESSON IS FREE :-).
1007 agna1983 angielski
I hold two Master Degrees from the University of Essex, UK. The first one, more theoretical, in Applied Linguistics and the second one, strictly practical, in TEFL During my MA Applied Linguistics, I was introduced with the broad theory of Language Learning and Teaching as well as with the most recent research in the field of Language Acquisition and its implications for teaching. This gave me a broad understanding of how foreign or second languages are learned and how different kinds of classroom practice might affect proficiency. What is more, I was introduced to the Linguistic Theory of English Language with the Noam Chomsky’s Principles and Parameters Theory at its core which gave me a fair grounding in contemporary work in the area of phonology and syntax. The second MA, in TEFL, gave me vocationally-relevant, research-led training in the description of English for TEFL, materials and methods development and evaluation as well as extensive training in the contemporary methods of grammar presentation and skills training. What is more I completed 32 contact hours of assessed teaching practice and lesson observation with additional 32 hours of assessed lesson planning, materials design and evaluation. I have also completed two assessed modules on Teaching English to Young Learners (Introduction to Teaching Young Learners and Design of Language Teaching Programmes and Materials for Young Learners) and audited following two, Literacy Development and Learning to Read as well as Investigation into the Young Learners Classroom. The YL modules have equipped me with a solid understanding of the key theories of how children learn as well as contemporary concepts and trends in teaching and assessment of young learners and teenagers. I know appropriate for YL assessment techniques and its evaluation. Moreover, I have spent 8 years exactly in the English speaking environment which has enabled me to acquire Native-like fluency in spoken and written BrEng. I believe that one of my main strengths include ability to offer an authentic everyday language spoken in the United Kingdom. I understand the culture and various accents across the country. I understand people’s habits, their perception of the world and their way of life. I am familliar all these aspects of British life which Polish language learners expect to receive ‘in a package’ when enrolling for Language Course. I understand that language is also a culture and I am happy to share all my knowledge with my students. I believe that I can not only become a devoted language teacher but also trigger cultural awareness in my students. I can offer a great deal of advice on the country, places and people which might be particularly useful when organizing various school events. I believe that developing semantic awareness is one of the upmost important aspects of foreign language training as only the ability to use context-appropriate expressions and vocabulary makes our speech ‘natural’ At this point, I would like to stress the fact that for the past three years I was working in a strictly corporate environment, where I had a chance to gain proficiency in English used in business and professional context. I am also familiar with so called ‘corporate culture’, which I believe equipped me with the skill set necessary for teaching in-company or ordinary Business English Courses. I have returned to Poland with an intention to build an exciting career in English Language Teaching. I believe I am fully qualified to teach all levels and age-groups. I do appreciate I might be lacking formal experience. Nevertheless, for the past 5 years I was actively tutoring small groups and L1 Polish individuals in the UK in the areas of General and ESP. Please refer to my resume for a detailed description of what I did. Regarding the approaches I do organise my lessons in line with CLT. I always try to compliment course books with a variety of authentic materials in order to add a little ‘taste’ to the exercises. Whenever possible I try to use various interaction patterns with as much as possible of pair work or small group work, with a simple intension of getting my students to communicate with each other. I like role-play with younger learners. I also understand the importance of grammar training and highly disagree with the attempts of neglecting its value in the mastery of language. I believe in the importance of grammar, but again, within a communicative context. I appreciate my experience cannot be compared to the experience of a full time teacher. However, with my passion for teaching, my educational background and methodological guidance from the school, I believe I will make a good educator able to help my students reach their full potential. As a final note, I am an open-minded, easy-going, cheerful all-rounder. I am reliable and patient professional. I am an observer with a good attention to detail. I am goal oriented and ambitious. Even though, I have tried myself in different professions I have always had a real passion for teaching and am now ready to finally commence a career in ELT/EFL teaching All in all, I believe I am a good candidate for the position advertised. As for my future plans, I will be aiming at completing CELTA IH London followed by LCCI FTBE or CertIBET, I am also considering Teaching English for Academic Purposes by Distance Learning MA Course at the Nottingham University, UK as I feel that in the times of ‘global village’ there is a need for this type of training in Poland. However, the entry requirement of teaching EAP/ESP courses assume a a minimum of 9-months’ proven teaching experience, therefore I am unable to enrol at this moment.
1008 Kumlachew angielski, amharski
I love working as a teacher. I am interactive and sociable to work with partners. I am enthusiastic and cooperative in working with others. I am reliable, credible and sociable with people from divorced culture and society. I am very active CouchSurfing member. During my MA studies I actively participate in CouchSurfing in hosting more than 100 people from all over the world. I organized various Couch Surfing meeting and events to create travel experiences, language and cultures among travels and the locals.
1009 jcsidor angielski
I was born and raised in the United States. I am of Polish descent, so I have strong roots in Poland and am familiar with the language and culture as well. Because of my American and Polish backgrounds, I find I can communicate very effectively with Polish speakers looking to learn English. My Master's Degree in International Business has given me a strong understanding of cultural differences throughout the world, so I can skillfully alter my lessons to fit any individual's own desires and needs. I am 23, so I can energetically teach people of all ages and am in touch with modern day business practices. I also studied at and work at Warsaw's own Kozminski University, so I have access to some of Poland's and Europe's smartest business minds.
1010 Oluwatobi angielski
I would like to introduce myself as a Native Speaker. I have a full knowledge of effective communication in management, basic interaction with beginners and business English for starters, middle level and senior level executives due to my engagement with industries and organizations in Africa and Europe.