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1001 DEANNATIVE angielski
I am British, 57 years of age and a permanent resident of Warsaw. I have very good communication skills and can hold a conversation on many subjects, from business, world affairs, politics, music, books, travel, sport and this is how I get my own students to learn English, by talking to me about the interests or passion they might have in life. With my current schools I go to companies teaching Business English. This covers a large range of industries in Warsaw, from software development for the computer industry, to advertising and telecommunications with one of the leading mobile air suppliers, to a company dealing in real estate. In my lessons:: The secret to my lessons is that they are focused around the individual or group. My lesson plan is built around my students. My aim is to make sure every student leaves my class knowing more about English to a high level of satisfaction. What matters to me are my students. I work with them to achieve the target they have set, be it fluency of English or written English skills or both. I make sure that new vocabulary is introduced and my students are corrected on pronunciation. With my age, I bring maturity, I am punctual and if I say I will do a job it will be done to the highest standard. My aim is to make sure every student I teach goes home happy knowing a lot more than when he or she first came through the door.
1002 richardboulay angielski
I am considered by my students and fellow teachers to be an excellent teacher and I whole heartily agree!
1003 London_Native_Kris angielski
I am currently looking to secure a teaching position within a language school as a native speaker of English. For many years I have been employed in the field of Engineering. During my free time I have been fortunate enough to share my knowledge of my main interest of music to many in a teaching role. I have been actively involved with the organisation of multiple events and workshops for all ages, from many walks of life. It has become clear to myself that teaching brings with it a great sense of enjoyment and self achievement. Seeing the happiness on people’s faces from simply sharing the knowledge I have is something quite special. I construct my workshops in such a manner to try to make the whole process of learning fun and enjoyable. I have received and continue to receive praise for the work I do and for me it is simply that I enjoy working with people. If I can help to improve an aspect of someone’s life, with the teaching of a subject, I genuinely feel as though I am doing something positive in my life. I am currently living In Warsaw and I would like to make this stay permanent here with my fiancee. I have just recently started to learn the Polish language to assist with this. I simply would like to be given the opportunity to prove I can be an asset to a language school teaching English as a native speaker.
1004 Jacob_Wozniak angielski
I am not an average Native Speaker. I also fluent in Polish which has given me the opportunity to learn how Polish people understand English and how to properly adapt to a Polish learner's needs. This is especially helpful when I explain grammatical structures and can show how it also works in Polish, so that the student has a better understanding. Which brings me to my biggest abnormality. I am fascinated by English grammar and through trial and error am at the point where there is no grammatical structure which I can not explain. They haven't made a student that I couldn't teach, yet.
1005 qewretry angielski, francuski
I am pleased to offer my tutoring services to anyone who appreciates the advanture of learning and living the other language in a fun and enriching way. What I teach, reflects my life experiences.
1006 achlodzinska angielski
I am responsible, mature, sociable and creative person with excellent interpersonal skills. Most importantly, however, I fluently speak and write in English due to may education and frequent visits to the USA and UK. Moreover, I passed both CAE and TOEFL exams with the score enabling me to enroll to top universities in the USA. In addition, I enjoy working in international environment, not only as a team member, but also as a teacher. In summary, I do have necessary language and interpersonal skills to lead people through their adventure with English language. Therefore, I would like to join Your team and contribute to the high standard of teaching Your organization provides. I look forward to hearing from you. Your sincerely
1007 krzysztof.lektor angielski
I am teaching English in companies, general Bisness English and whatever the listeners require. I am flexible enough to cope with any task and to prepare anything they need or wish to learn. I am able to prepare the listeners for certificate exams, especially the Cambridge ones. Of late, I have had some achievements in the field of translations. I helped open the Valentino/Salvatore Ferragamo boutique in Warsaw and I was responsible for first contact with fashion houses, translating orders, NDAs and documents. I am also looking for a full time/part time office job as a methodoligst or consultant. If you feel you need help to prepare to your Final Exams (matura for example) or certificate, contact me. And please, if you're a parent of a child, that barely makes it from class to class, and the offspring has his/hers matura exams in under a month, don't contact me. You should have done that a long time ago.
1008 westerby angielski
I believe in teaching English for a purpose. If it is for business, an exam or for pleasure I think that classes should be focused on what you want to learn and not just follow a text book. I have a wide variety of experience and change my style to suit you, though I am always very calm and relaxed. Learning English should be fun, not stressful or scary. I don\'t think shouting works as a teaching method. I prefer to motivate and encourage my students by teaching things that interest them.
1009 Olga_Ukraine angielski, hiszpański, niemiecki, rosyjski, włoski
I can offer you German, English, Russian, and Italian as my major working languages for all levels and age groups. I consider myself to be a hard worker with a solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort to ensure all tasks given to me are completed on time and to the highest standards. My core strengths include, but are not limited to the following: 1) Being able to adapt my teaching style to different situations. 2) Always displaying the highest standards of professional and personal conduct. 3) Being able to teach a diverse range of students from all social and cultural backgrounds. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.
1010 53452002 angielski, serbski
I find it difficult to judge myself both as a person and as a teacher.One thing is sure:I love teaching and it is great pleasure to observe my students as they make progress.English language has always been my passion and I do my best to pass this feeling to my students and then,learning this foreign language comes so easily.