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1001 joafil angielski
Cieszę się, że mam zawód, który mnie sprawia radość, a innym daje praktyczne korzyści :)
1002 Oleksy angielski, rosyjski
Command of languages • Excellent written and spoken English. American accent. • I am a native speaker of Ukrainian and Russian. • Being of Polish origin, I am fluent in Polish. • Basic knowledge of German Communication Skills • As a participant of a number of volunteering projects I have experience in communicating with people of different age groups. • Being an exchange student I gained skills needed for communication with people from various countries. • Worked as a simultaneous translator and interpreter at the educational projects
1003 kofi70 angielski, polski dla cudzoziemców
czekam nie ciepliwie na wasze odpowiedzi.
1004 Breff888 angielski, irlandzki
Część jestem Eoin, Pochodzę z Irlandii. Mam 26 lat. Moje główne zainteresowanie to polityka, sport, historia, literatura i podróżowanie. Ostatni rok spędziłem w Chorwacji pracując w NGO i ucząc angielskiego. Jestem rozmowny i dobrze tłumaczę zagadnienia. Moje rodzime języki to irlandzki i angielski. Oprócz tego posługuje się językiem francuskim i znam trochę polskiego i chorwackiego.
1005 A.Shahin angielski, grecki, włoski, arabski
Dear Mr / Ms , I am writing this E-mail with regard to the position available as an Arabic teacher at your esteemed company. My name is Abedelfattah Shahin, and I am from Amman - Jordan . My major is English – Italian languages at the University of Jordan . As a matter of fact , I did the last year of my bachelor studies at the University of Bologna - Italy as an exchange student due Erasmus Mundus program, because I have received a scholarship for one full academic year. My rate is 2.93 out of 4.00.I was working as well in the International Stock Market as a Broker. In addition, I used to teach Arabic language for Non-native speakers at the University of Jordan so to be given as an intensive course, so as a background of the Arabic Culture has to be given at the same time . I believe that I am an eligible candidant due to my high score that I achieved at the university and due to the fact that I am an optimistic person to obtain the opportunity your esteemed organization is offering . Actually, it will be a great opportunity for me to join your respected organization because I am sure that my working experience will develop, and I would very much appreciate it if you are willing to consider me amongst the substantial candidates. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as convenient I would very much appreciate your efforts
1006 PaulWor angielski
Dear Sir/Madam I am writing with an attached CV as to the availability of any vacancies as an English teacher within your school. I have both a TEFL qualification and a BA (Journalism) and have previous experience in teaching English in both Poland and Norway. I have previously lived in Warsaw and while I was there I established myself as a self-employed conversational English teacher and discovered I was very good at it. I have also taught many Polish people in the UK and have excellent references. I am patient, approachable, personable and confident and I have been told by many people (former students and others) that I should seriously consider teaching English as a full-time career. During my education (secondary, primary and further), I always responded well to those teachers who made the particular subject dynamic and interesting. I found that those teachers who were enthusiastic about the subject were far better at capturing a student’s attention and making the subject come alive. I think I have modeled myself on those few teachers and try to make a lesson both creative and informative. I have an out-going personality and I like to think my enthusiasm rubs off on those I have taught. I am visiting Poland from 31st of January until the 6th of February and would be most willing to come in for a chat though i am also available for interview at any time and I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks
1007 oothr1 angielski
Dear Sir/Madam, I am a highly motivated Masters graduate of the University of Birmingham looking for work in Warsaw. I am currently working full-time as a Support Analyst while studying Environmental Management at the University of Warsaw. Firstly, I would like to explain to you what I have studies and am currently studying in support f my application. In Birmingham I studied for an Msci in Geography. This course dealt primarily with physical geography such as landscape morphology and climatology as well as practical ecology. I wrote two theses for this degree. The first one was about the affects of invasive plants of riverine ecosystems. The second was on a paleoclimatic analysis of a local geological formation. Now in my second master’s degree I am studying more practical applications of ecological and chemical sciences towards the management of the environment. I am currently completing the management phase of the degree and I am learning about practical ways in which businesses can reach their corporate social responsibility objectives through the implementation of various processes, as well as the financial aspects of funding and managing these projects. My current working position as a Support Analyst involves handling phone and e-mail inquiries regarding PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). The PCIDSS is a set of standards created by the credit card industries’ main players to ensure that all businesses adhere to strict regulations regarding their handling of cardholder data. I provide advice and support to businesses on how to follow these guidelines. Before coming to Poland I had been working as an English teacher in Spain. I carried on teaching in Warsaw and have finished consistently had classes. I have worked privately and also for Future Centre Training Corporation.
1008 alicat angielski
Dedicated and student-focused teaching professional, who is committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive and engaging learning environment for all students. Proficient at tailoring lessons plans to incorporate students diverse interests, and capture their attention and imagination. Talent for integrating thematic units, cooperative learning projects, and class discussions to generate independent thought, improve reading and writing skills and instill a love for literacy of students. Hard working and trustworthy educator, who strives to collaborate with all members of the school community to meet the needs of the student and promote the philosophy of the school.  Phonetic Classes  British/American Accent and possibility to teach other English Accents  Literature Based Programs  Thematic Units  Reading Strategies  Assessment Tools  Individualized Education Plan  Creative Lesson Planning  Student Motivation  Business/Medical Vocabulary  Conversations  Advanced Grammar  Voice Projection  Kids Classes  FCE/CAE/CPE Preparation
1009 KASIA_RADOM angielski
Dlaczego warto mnie zatrudnić ? Ponieważ cechy, które posiadam takie jak komunikatywność, rzetelność, cierpliwość, umiejętność motywacji uczniów, poczucie humoru oraz moje doświadczenie zawodowe są niezbędne do profesjonalnego wykonywania obowiązków jako lektor.
1010 MaciejPiotrowski angielski
Do swoich dodatkowych cech przydatnych w nauczaniu języka obcego mogę zaliczyć łatwość w nawiązywaniu kontaktów z uczniami, zorganizowanie, punktualność oraz wysoką kulturę osobistą. Posiadam doświadczenie w pracy z młodzieżą o zróżnicowanym poziomie zaawansowania oraz sprawiającą problemy wychowawcze, potrafię dostosowywać metody uczenia do potrzeb uczniów i wymagań programu nauczania. Nieustannie pracuję nad doskonaleniem swoich umiejętności językowych oraz poszerzaniem wiedzy metodologicznej. Jestem entuzjastą nowoczesnych technologii, które, w miarę możliwości, staram się wykorzystywać w swoich lekcjach. Interesuję się literaturą i kulturą Stanów Zjednoczonych, Wielkiej Brytanii oraz historią krajów skandynawskich. Do sfery moich zainteresowań należy również językoznawstwo angielskie.