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1001 InkandThink angielski
Hello! My name is David DJ Lawrence from Dallas, Texas and I have been teaching English for nearly 3 years. I reside in Warsaw and I\'m also a writer (poetry, fiction, etc). I\'m a very laid-back and amiable person with an interested sense of humor.
1002 yennefer angielski
Hello! My name is Marysia and I\'m - hopefully - your new English teacher. I believe in hard work with a smile. Whatever and whenever you learn, the process becomes so much more efficient when you\'re having fun, too! Teaching has been a great adventure for me - meeting new people from very different backgrounds is like discovering new worlds every day. I study Psychology at Warsaw University. My main interest is neuroscience and I hope to become a therapist one day, hopefully combining it with my skills in English. I enjoy good books and films, cooking and listening to music, as well as travelling and learning new languages. I\'m also a great fan of House MD.
1003 AljazTiric angielski
Hello, I have worked in England as a group leader for about 5 years now. During this time I gathered a lot of experience dealing with students of various ages, teachers of different styles and backgrounds, and language centre managing staff. I also studied English language and literature and Pedagogy at the Faculty of Arts in Maribor, Slovenia. Recently I completed the CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course at Lang LTC in Warsaw. I like to make my lessons as active and diverse as possible. I think the students\' participation greatly improves the overall learning progress and concentrates on what is relevant for the student as well. Teaching still has a bit of a bad reputation, but that does not mean it cannot be fun, engaging and interesting. If you can mix all these aspects it makes the learning progress much more enjoyable, so much so that you improve your English whilst forgetting that you\'re actually learning.
1004 AdamR01 angielski
Hello, My name is Adam and I was born and raised within the United Kingdom for the last 27 years. I lived and worked throughout many cities across England and Wales including Bath, Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea and London. This gave me the chance to interact and teach many foreign people, from places such as Poland, Spain, Italy and France to improve upon their general and professional English speaking, reading, writing and listening skills by conversation and theory. I have been helping people to learn English for the past 3 years with experience working within private English language schools for all ages and for a Business English language service. While living in Cardiff I studied at Cardiff University and achieved a BA Honors Degree in Management. My past employment skills include Business Management, Sales and Marketing for a National Newspaper, International Tour Representative and Customer Service Management. For me there has been a fascination and love of Poland ever since I came here on a study trip 6 years ago, and have visited here ever since before moving here last year. I’m hard working, reliable and able to work individually or as part of a team, with an eye for accuracy and detail, while achieving my aim and objectives in a set time. I am also adventurous, self motivated and goal orientated, with a clear vision of future objectives. I have a natural sense of motivating myself and others. My written and verbal communication skills are exceptional and I have an ability to relate to a wide range of people and situations using flawless problem solving techniques.
1005 Extender angielski, niemiecki
Hello, Hallo, I am an English and German native speaker. I have been living in Poland for 3 years now and have been teaching both languages in company and in private lessons. I mainly work with students on general language, but also offer a broader range of specialized languages and of course the business language skills. I teach beginners up to advanced students. My students are generally very happy with the lessons. They like my casual character connected with a structured lesson plan and a goal to keep things on track. I keep the classes light, try to find topics which are interesting for a majority and bring in different elements and methods in order improve your English. You can expect from me to be on time, reliable and motivated about teaching you, I take a practical approach to teaching and try to find solutions and different ways for you to learn language skills where you might have had problems in the past or are learning at the moment. I always appreciate students which are motivated and can help them achieve their goals, your success is my motivation. I have helped students pass different certificates with success, mainly the FCE and am always interested to work with goal oriented students.
1006 AniaSmith angielski
HI, Jestem osobą bardzo dynamiczną, otwartą i przede wszystkim kocham angielski:-) Wyobrażam sobie, że studenci / osoby uczące się będą przede wszystkim mówić. Ze względu na pracę pełnoetatową i studia ( 2 weekendy w miesiącu) mój czas jest ograniczony do wskazanego w formularzu. Chciałabym zdobyć doświadczenie właśnie na polu nauczania języka angielskiego. Połączyć przyjemne ( dodatkowa praca + dodatkowe fundusze) z pożytecznym ( zaszczepienie zamiłowania do języka angielskiego u studentów). Czekam na propozycje współpracy :) Awaiting your response Anna Smith
1007 chag73 angielski
Hi, my name is Chris and I moved to Warsaw from New York in late July 2013 in order to be closer to my girlfriend. I have a broad skill set and several years of teaching experience. I lived in Shanghai, China from 2007 until 2012. While there I completed my Master's degree focusing on International Business and TEFL. While there, I taught students of all ages; ranging from pre-kindergarten kids to professional development classes. I also gained experience working for American and Australian companies working in market research and finance, as well as time working as a professional editor and reporter for a Chinese newspaper. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese. In terms of teaching style, I enjoy teaching all ages. Every group and type of student has their own unique advantages. Philosophically, I believe that teaching is a two-way street; the more willing a teacher is to listen and learn from their students, the more the students will be willing to listen to and learn from their teacher. I always endeavor to make classes engaging and entertaining; students who are having a good time will learn more. Lastly, I'm always striving to develop personally and professionally an apply that attitude to my classes. In my spare time, I really enjoy drawing, painting, and writing, as well as practicing Wing Chun (a variety of Chinese kung fu). My favorite sport is American football, but I also really enjoy football (soccer), hockey, and lacrosse. Travel, meeting new people and learning new cultures and languages is one of my favorite things in life. Academically, I have very broad interests. History, the sciences, technology and economics really fascinate me and I love to read about and discuss them. To be honest though, I just love to learn and enjoy talking with people about almost anything, especially when we can help each other broaden our horizons. I have visited Poland for extended stays previously and am really excited to be here and have the opportunity to really learn and experience the culture and language of this great land.
1008 Kenny_H angielski
I am a 27 year old American who has been living in Warsaw for 7 months. In that time I have been offering private lessons but am now interested in a regular teaching position. The majority of my experience has been with advanced level adults working on business English. I have also instructed a few English teachers here in town. I am comfortable working all levels of students. Jestem 27 lat stary Amerykanin, który mieszka w Warszawie na 7 miesięcy. W tym czasie zostały oferuje prywatne lekcje, ale teraz jestem zainteresowany zwykłym stanowisko nauczyciela.Większość mojego doświadczenia jest z zaawansowanych dorosłych pracujących na poziomie biznesowym angielskim. Mam również polecił kilka angielskich nauczycieli, tutaj w mieście. Jestem wygodne pracę wszystkich poziomów uczniów.
1009 star39 angielski, suahili
I am a dynamic, energetic, open person and passionate about English and teaching it,with experience in teaching people across all ages.
1010 KlaudiaM437 angielski
I am a highly dedicated, enthusiastic as well as oriented to professional self-improvement educator who will make a positive contribution to any school. I constantly seek to encourage my students to enjoy extra-curricular activities, which I believe instills them with a self-directed lifelong learning. But in the first place my aim is to enthuse them and create authentic learning experiences. I can safely say that I believe in the value of teaching values, in encouraging students to see things from other people’s points of view, in fostering the appropriate values to create a strong class spirit.